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About Ellen

Ellen Stevens is an independent contractor and business owner who consults and creates content for a variety of different sectors.

During university, Ellen was employed as the Editor-in-Chief of her university's newspaper. In those years, she initiated the 'Tech, Trends, and Research' section in the paper. This was done in honour of celebrating innovation which can frequently get missed in student politics.

She further restructured and renegotiated the paper's budget to create new student positions resulting in more social media engagement, new revenue streams (events and in later years website ads etc.), as well as design and editorial improvements.

During her years with the paper, participation from the student community grew notably. At that time she also served as an ex-officio board member of her university's student union. Ellen graduated with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Psychology as well as a Business Information Technology Management Certificate. She also holds an Advertising diploma from Seneca College.

Ellen went on to work as a Corporate Legal Assistant for a prominent, senior corporate lawyer who also serves as a judge. There she managed complex legal files in the areas of corporate, commercial, municipal assessment, and general litigation. Later on, she spearheaded a large auditing project for the Research Ethics Board at her local hospital in partnership with the associated research institute.

In later years, she went on to work for a popular technologist platform where she worked as a Community Advocate and Staff Editor and later as an Editor and Marketing Campaign Lead. Her responsibilities included tasks of a marketing, editorial, managerial, and business nature and included notably improving marketing email open rates, as well as co-implementing the copyright-free books republishing project providing over 800 blog posts and counting.

Ellen has developed a broad portfolio in promotions, design, photography, reporting, web administration, social media, research ethics and policy, corporate law, and management. Ellen has an obsession with learning new things and is a huge tech and science fan girl. Not that she has any 'spare time,' but Ellen enjoys music and photography, and her favourite guitar chord is the E minor.

Ellen is currently involved in a number of different projects, such as running policytrend.com as well as fulfilling the obligations of various client partnerships.

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Thank you for reading!

Ellen seeks unique projects and positions where she can use the wide array of her talents.

Please email her at escvdotca@gmail.com if you or your organization
would like to move forward with an initiative you are passionate about.

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